Taipei Wego Private Senior High School & Keio Shiki Senior High School Joint Online Program

 This year, 8 of our Keiō students participated in a fall program with 8 students from a private high school in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the course of 3 online sessions, the students worked together with the main theme of learning each other's languages.

Session 1
 During the first session, the students separated into small groups of 4 and introduced themselves as well as their school culture to each other. Using key questions in English, Keio students taught WEGO students self-introductions in Japanese and WEGO students taught Keio students self-introductions in Chinese.

Session 2
 In session 2, all of the students introduced themselves in their partners' language. Next, a guest speaker talked about her upbringing in Malaysia and how being multilingual has benefitted and shaped her way of life.

Session 3
 Finally, in session 3 the students showed off their hard work by singing songs in their partners' language and then used English to explain the significance of the songs & lyrics they chose. It was a very nice way to finish the program. Some students also shared their feelings about the program with everyone.

 This year, while the program was much shorter than last year's, the students seemed to really make nice connections with each other. Thanks to the spirit of the WEGO-Keio partnership, the students forged new friendships and also learned about the power of language exchange.