School life at Keio Shiki Senior High School


Comprehensive Integrated Learning Course and Extracurricular Foreign Language Course
Annual Events
Study Tour
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1st Period 8:30~9:20
2nd Period 9:30~10:20
Twenty-minute Break 10:20~10:40
3rd Period 10:40~11:30
4th Period 11:40~12:30
Lunch Break 12:30~13:10 40 minute
5th Period 13:10~14:00
6th Period 14:10~15:00
7th Period 15:10~16:00 (*Extracurricular Foreign Language Course)
Although we consider a year from 1st April to 31st March as one term, for convenience, we also call the period before the first finals the first term, before the second finals the second term and before the last school day the third term.


The unique characteristic in our curriculum is that we offer electives for 12th grade students. Based on the guidance given when they are 11th grade students and the syllabuses, students choose five subjects, ten credits, based on their interests, concerns and future goals. Every year, more than 20 classes are opened and there are various types of classes such as lectures, laboratory work, experiments, programming, works of art, chorus and so on. Some classes are at university level and by taking these subjects students can gain broader and more profound knowledge and a richer sensitivity.
[Some examples of classes offered from 2010 to 2012] (They can be changed from year to year.)
  • 'Reading the biographies of Shiki'
  • 'Nature and Literature'
  • 'Pre-modern and Modern Literature - appreciation and creation -'
  • 'The Introduction of Japanese Science Fiction'
  • 'The Foundation for the Basic Japanese Culture'
  • 'The Pacific War'
  • 'Chinese Pre-modern and Modern History'
  • 'The Introduction of the European Thought History'
  • 'The Introduction of the Law - What are our Social Rules ?'
  • 'Personal Finance - Design your Future -'
  • 'The Studies of Linear Algebra'
  • 'How to Read and Predict Weather Forecast'
  • 'Male Voice Chorus'
  • 'Let's Make a Large Solid Work'
  • 'Read Greek Myths'
  • 'Adolescence'
  • 'Read Different Histories'
  • 'Read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'
  • 'Let's Enjoy Being a Critical Thinker!'
  • 'The Rules of English Pronunciation'

Comprehensive Integrated Learning Course and Extracurricular Foreign Language Course

23languages_top.jpgThe school offers a Comprehensive Integrated Learning Course for the 10th and the 11th grade students. Students in the 10th grade work on their projects and get observations from teachers in a study tour. Students in the 11th grade take 2 classes out of 23, such as 'The Ryukyu Language,' 'Exploring Ainu Culture,' 'Indian Culture and History,' 'East Africa・Swahili Culture,' 'Reading the Code of Hammurabi' and so on.

Furthermore, school offers more than 20 foreign language classes after school on Fridays. This means students can learn languages you hardly hear and that are impossible to study in a college. Every year we invite teachers for each of these language classes so that all students who want to take these classes can participate. Some students keep taking one class continuously for three years, while other students take three different classes. The main purpose of this class is to acquire the target language, however, because of the small class size, communication between teachers and students becomes deeper than usual and it is very beneficial for students of an inquisitive nature in developing their minds.

The following languages taught in the Comprehensive Integrated Course and Extracurricular Foreign Language Course:

Annual Events

April ●Entrance Ceremony・Welcome Meeting for New Students
●Regular Medical Checkup
●Anniversary of the Founding of the School
May ●Athletic Meet
●Keio vs. Waseda University Baseball Games
●Study Tour for the 10th Grade Students
June ●First Finals
●School of Medicine Tour
July ●Intermural Ball Game Tournament
●Shiki Speech
●University Departments' Introduction
August ●Trip for Shiki Forest
●SFC Tour
●University Mock Lectures ・Mock Seminars
September ●Faculty of Pharmacy Tour
October ●Study Tour for the 11th Grade Students
●Regular Life Saving Course for the 10th Grade Students
●Harvest Festival
●School Trip for the 12th Grade Students
●Faculty of Science and Technology Tour
November ●Second Finals
●Intermural Ball Game Tournament
December ●Marathon
●Shiki Speech
January ●Founder's Birthday
●Third Finals for the 12th Grade Students
February ●Third Finals for the 10th and 11th Grade Students
March ●Commencement
●Trip for Shiki Forest

Study Tour

Both 10th and 11th grade students are required to participate in a Study Tour. 10th grade students go to Hakone for three days as part of a Comprehensive Integrated Learning Course. During this trip, students study geography and geology in Hakone, paying attention to History and Culture. Specifically, students analyze the relationship between the vegetation, geography and geology in Hakone and predict the quality of volcanic gases by examining the spring quality. They walk around Lake Ashi and visit museums, art museums and local industries.

Students in the 11th grade visit Lake Suwa - Itoigawa area for 4 days, focusing on Science. Specifically, students examine the water quality at Lake Suwa, Lake Kizaki and Lake Aoki and learn about environmental pollution. In the Itoigawa area, students examine geological features and study how Japan Islands were formed. They also learn how to know the past from rocks.

Immediately after the Study Tour, students start working on papers. They are trained to think about what they saw by themselves and organize their ideas, whose principle can be seen through all subjects in this school. Especially, the 11th grade students are required to create papers with lots of consideration. We often see students working on their projects together and this has become a good tradition of Shiki High School.

Club Activities

Non-Athletic ClubsSports Club
English-Club <ess, light="" music=""> Baseball Club
Biology Club Track and Field Club
Astronomy Club Table Tennis Club
Newspaper Club Tennis Club
Mandolin Club Rowing Club
Brass Band Club Rugby Football Club
Igo and Shogi Club Karate Club
Art Club Volleyball Club
Electronics Research Club Hockey Club
Railway Research Club Soccer Club
Wagner Society, Male Voice Chorus Club Basketball Club
Japanese Archery Club
Golf Club
Kendo Club
Ski Club
Softball Tennis Club
Swimming Club
Rubber Baseball Club